Where's Coqy?

HOC supports events that encourage fundraising and awareness of men's health issues, especially prostate and testicular cancer.  As a member, you have the ability to list parties, fundraisers, and other official events focused on raising awareness of men's health issues.

Check back frequently to add to the calendar or see what's going on in your area.

2nd House of Coq Pop-up Store at Goorin Brother's Hats

November 21st 6-8pm

3243 N Broadway St
(773) 348-4287

Goorin Brother's is hosting House of Coq, and we will be launching our first round of hats with Goorin Brother's help.  The hats will feature our crest logo. Come join us and support the cause in style!

Movember Gala PartÚs

Movember Gala PartÚs are world-renowned exhibitions of nature's finest bounty; the moustache. Held around the US and the world, the infamous dress up extravaganzas offer Mo Bros and Mo Sistas the opportunity to come together to showcase their hairy achievement and celebrate a month of hard work and dedication. It's also our chance to say thank you to the Mo Community for the collective fundraising and awareness efforts.

Gala partÚs are quite something. A chance to dress up in your best Movember costume, showcase your immaculate grooming, celebrate your finest Mo and compete for a number of category titles - including Best Mo in Character, Miss Movember and, of course, Man of Movember.

Each year, Movember Gala's bring the party to different cities around the US. Check back in September to see the list of Movember Gala PartÚ cities for 2013.

Join the fun of a Mo Run

2012 saw Running of the Mo's grow to include two events in Seattle, Washington and Orange County, California, encouraging Mo's to hit the pavement and have important conversations about men's health. Running of the Mo events are a great opportunity to challenge yourself and do a little extra something for your health... all while having fun and supporting the Mo. 2013 will have a host of new MOVE active events, more information coming soon.

Shave the Date

November 1 is the official start of Movember, a day to shave down and get excited about the hairy month ahead. Gather your friends, family and colleagues together at your workplace, favorite barbershop, school, community center or local hang out and get those faces registered and clean shaven! Check back once Movember 2013 registration opens in September for more information on how to host your own Shave the Date event and recieve a free party pack.

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