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You'll have to excuse us for being a little late in saying this . . . 

But Happy New Year!

Our tardiness is, believe it or not, deliberate.

You see, we wanted to give it a week or two in order to ask an important question . . .

Those New Year's Resolutions: How are they going?

Tradition dictates that the post-Christmas period is a time for resolving to improve upon certain things, not least our heal...
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This might turn out to be our shortest blog post to date.

That doesn't make it less important.

You might, perhaps, have heard otherwise. But trust us on this, size isn't everything.

This post might be smaller than most, but its significance must not be underestimated.

You see, in true seasonal spirit, we're here to give thanks.

Thanks to our friends. Thanks to our families. Thanks to our supporters....
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The Magic Bullet?

Looking good is important, make no mistake about it. But the focus here is on far more than fashion alone. It's on the ways in which our lives are led: the food that we put into our bodies, as we explained in our previous post; the amount of alcohol that we drink; whether or not we choose to smoke; whether we get enough exercise.

This last point is among the most important, becau...
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